Monday, May 5, 2008

Not-So-Silent Spring

Today’s fantastically nice weather in Cleveland (it’s supposed to be 72 degrees) has been a welcome respite from what seemed to be an unending winter. Just a week or so ago, temperatures overnight still dipped into the 30s. Jeez!

And along with this nice weather comes many things: lunchtime frolicking throughout our fair industrial park, drinks outside (after work, of course), and impromptu games of Twister in the pouring rain. But there has to be more to life than drinking and/or acting ridiculous, right? Apparently so, according to the following list of what a select group of Luscious Verde hirelings like to do (and what they enjoy) when you can, you know, actually go outside again.

Megan: “Baseball is good, but outdoor happy hour is better.”

Beth: “Have a margarita night and make a fire.”

Laura: “Get smoothies at Cold Stone Creamery.”

Wendy: “Lay in a hammock.”

Rachel: “The Westside Market. You get fed ice cream by foreign dudes.”

Kevin: “Play Frisbee at Public Square at midnight. I also like hanging out at various porches in the Cleveland area, especially if I’m invited.”

Melissa: “Road trips and taking long walks on the beach at sunset.”

Angela: “Go to Edgewater Park.”

Liz: “Sit by the river, read and watch the boats go by."

Joe: “Trampoline with the kids.”

Me, I love some Lakewood Park, Music Saves, and Melt (air conditioning plus grilled cheese equals goodness).

-- Rob @ L.V.

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