Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fit to Print

It’s that time of the season again – Toni (above) wears out the path between her desk and the printer, proofreaders Ted and Alicia are on high alert for subjunctive use, and our lead designer, Jason, hides in his car.

All this hurly-burly, however, is for our retailers – the summer edition of the Luscious Verde newsletter will be finished in the next week and will be on its way shortly thereafter. In this edition you’ll find:

  • More information about our upcoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah catalog, to be released in August
  • Exciting custom liner information
  • A heartwarming and uplifting profile of our proofreaders
  • A stunning investigative report about how buying custom stationery can actually lengthen your life

Okay, we’re lying about that last one. But all the other stuff will be in there. Be on the lookout.

-- Rob @ L.V.


wendy said...

Rob,if your "Rob's letter" is as funny as this post, we will all be very entertained!

Anonymous said...

OK Rob, admit it, you have a thing for Toni

Anonymous said...

I don't have a crush on Toni. I have a crush on Amanda Pope.

-- Rob

Anonymous said...

But Amanda isn't around... when your not with the one you love...love the one your with!

Anonymous said...

Nah, Rob's got a crush on Ted.