Thursday, May 17, 2007

Disco Toaster

Do you sometimes wish that your workplace had a device that would give you a pick-me-up each day? Like a transmogrifier or a Disco Toaster? We here at Luscious Verde do. Here are some of the amenities that some of our employees believe would make our workplace fitter, happier and more productive. Thanks to Rachel for the illustrations.

Mandy and Anthony: Elevator chairs to see each other when conversing (See above)

Genevieve: A lobotomy station

Kelly: Zombies (See above)

Melissa: A pensieve

Lisa: A corduroy kitchen timer

Nina: A tanning bed under production art table four

Megan: Porkchop sandwiches

Channa: A “60 Minutes” voice distorter

Laura: Pogo stick pokey tools

Sasha: A bleach dispenser in the shape of an Audi

Rachel: Llamas to transport supplies

Alicia: A people-mover to Liz’s desk

Toni: Real popcorn instead of packing peanuts (See below)

-- Ted @ L.V.


Anonymous said...

I think Ted has taken one too many trips to the lobotomy station.

Alicia said...

Rachael's got skillz

Roxi said...

I think I'm most disturbed by Laura's answer. Some horrible images come to mind and they all include Laura pretending to count paper but silently watching the horror with an evil grin.