Wednesday, April 18, 2007

This Is Why, This Is Why, This Is Why We're Hot

OK, we’re going to try something new on this blog. We know you love reading about our wacky, sitcom-esque crew, but you’re also curious about, you know, what our cards look like.

Every day from now until the end of eternity (or every other day if we get lazy), we will feature our Hot Card of the Day, or HCOTD. We’re obviously not as good with coming up with cool acronyms as we are making and designing great, one-of-a-kind cards.
-- Rob @ L.V.


c-dub said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The first ever HCOTD looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Eh, you've had better

Luscious Verde said...

Hey, Anonymous! The picture for that card really doesn't do it justice. In person, it's a very pretty card, and it uses our Daffodil paper, which has been extremely popular for many spring orders.

Anonymous said...

show me baby cards, they're so cute!