Friday, April 6, 2007

Hot Off the Press

Client relations manager Toni Tringolo wants to inform you and possibly teach you a new vocabulary word. But the latest edition of the Luscious Verde Cards newsletter is more than mere folderol. Well, mostly. Toni (shown below, not in Paris) toiled for more than 60 hours to plan, help write, delegate and execute the contents of the entire newsletter.

We know, you could read books the size of Dickens novels about our crazy, loveable company, but for the sake of saving trees and not putting too much of a strain on postal employees (and not going postal ourselves), we narrowed down the information we wanted to share with you to a scant few paragraphs, lots of lovely pictures, and a hot new layout by our designer Jason.

Included in the newsletter are spotlights on our wedding update, our new moving cards, our blog (aw, shucks), custom die-cuts to die for (although we'd rather you didn't do that), our brand new and hopefully even more helpful order forms, profiles about our fascinating and eclectic production art team (they're the ones who make the magic happen) and a list of all the new things going on, offered, or discontinued. Basically, we want to keep you in the loop. When the newsletters hit your mailbox, you'll find them accompanied by stacks of new order forms, custom-ply paper samples, and new colors and inks to add to your color rings. For our stores with booming baby sales, we've also included a custom notepad to help customers record important details for their birth announcements (like, for instance, what they're going to be calling the kid).

"I hope they get a laugh, but also, I honestly hope they realize the kind of resources we have," says Toni about what she hopes to convey through the newsletter. "We have so many options." Options, indeed. Toni also made sure each newsletter was mailed with a "Choose Your Proof" chart that displays black and white proofs, color proofs, and color mock-ups so your clients can make a choice with confidence. After spending the day sorting, stacking, and stuffing the envelopes to be shipped, Toni's already gearing up to tackle the next "LVC Times." Hint: we're talking summertime, custom-cut envelopes, and our new Bar & Bat Mitzvah line. Maybe we'll even throw in more vocabulary. It'll be a bundle of jocularity (a.k.a. fun). Or, we could just stick to the cards. (Also fun.)

-- Alicia (proofreader) @ L.V.


kate said...

i swear to god, this company was made for you

Addie said...

I'm so happy you are working for such a cool company. :)

Miss Anon said...

Toni rocks.