Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fired Up

We truly love what we do here at Luscious Verde, but that’s not to say that we don’t welcome the occasional distraction, especially if that distraction involves a large garbage can engulfed in flames.

We don’t necessarily think of ourselves as one, but our headquarters here in scenic Beachwood, Ohio, is primarily a factory. And as such, the law requires that we be trained in a multitude of safety drills. Last Friday, after much anticipation fit for a remake of “Return to the Planet of the Apes,” we held fire extinguisher training, with the help of Anthony from the Beachwood Fire Department.

Expertly timed to coincide with Miniskirt Day (see Boot Day), we all filed out of the building to test our mettle against the scourge of fire. Those workers who never pranked their friends in high school learned the basics of using a fire extinguisher, hopefully to actually put out a fire.

“My favorite part was pushing Kelly towards the fire,” says Erin in production art, referencing the fact that Kelly was none too excited about using the fire extinguisher, and needed some prodding to do so.

“What I learned from the training is that you shouldn’t be scared of using a fire extinguisher,” says Luscious Verde co-owner Wendy. “Before we did this training, I had never used a fire extinguisher.”

Fire, you better watch out. Your days are numbered.

-- Rob @ L.V.
(Extra-special thanks to the Beachwood Fire Department.)

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