Friday, February 23, 2007

Libation Verde

With Luscious Verde moving through the second month of its 2007 social campaign, we decided that we needed a touch of class to balance out our schedule. The event was the Fat Tuesday Brewers’ Dinner at the Chop House. “I’m married to the brewer at Rock Bottom and the Chop House,” says Toni, co-chair of the fictitious LVC Social Committee, “so I have the information on all the beer festivals in the region.” Ten members of the Luscious Verde family attended the dinner this past Tuesday.

The conviviality began at the door, where each attendee was presented with a string of Mardi Gras beads and a tall cold glass of light lager. Following a tantalizing menu preview from Chef Jorge, Head Brewer Scott Guckel introduced the beer lineup.

  • The Light Lager accompanied cornmeal fried oysters
  • This set up a second course of crabmeat cocktail salad served with a Bohemian Pilsner.
  • A Scotch ale complimented the blackened pork loin entree.
  • And a barrel aged barley wine partnered exquisitely with a sticky pudding and Banana Foster ice cream.

Sated, but still dressed to kill, we adjourned to the Nauti Mermaid, where Miller Lite was expertly paired with the aromatic mixture of burger grease and urinal cake.

The banquet room at the Chop House is empty now. Chef Jorge has gone back to his seasonal repertoire, and we here at Luscious Verde have returned to the labor of love that is custom stationery. But the memories live on. They live on in our Ibuprofen bottle, emptied in half an hour on Wednesday. In the parking money that Lindsay still owes me. In embarrassing candid photos. The demands of our world did not cease on Tuesday night. Children were born, wedding dates were set, and simchas raged with life. But we paused, as the beers of the world came together for just one night, and we celebrated the love that springs from good food, good company, and a bottomless lager.
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Anonymous said...

thank you to whoever photoshopped my photo to look brighter.


Anonymous said...

I know that my role as social director was revoked after singles night... but I was not aware that there was a co-chair... Toni, it is on buddy. I challange you to a dual of the most memorable evening.